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Socrates quoted by Plutarch in: "Plutarch's Morals, Volume 1, translated from the Greek by several hands", edited by William W. Goodwin, Vol.1 (1871 edition)
Charles Darwin
The Descent of Man: And Selection in Relation to Sex (1871 edition)
Henry Ford
My Life And Work. The Secret Of Ford's Success In His autobiography (Illustrated), Slavamax BVBA - ISBN: 9789461460141

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In relation to God, we are like a thief who has burgled the house of a kindly householder and been allowed to keep some of the gold. From the point of view of the lawful owner this gold is a gift; Form the point of view of the burglar it is a theft. He must go and give it back. It is the same with our existence. We have stolen a little of God's being to make it ours. God has made us a gift of it. But we have stolen it. We must return it.

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