James Branch Cabell Quotes (58 quotes)

James Branch Cabell
Horvendile, in Ch. 2 : Introduces the Ageless Woman - The Cream of the Jest (1917)
James Branch Cabell
Ch. 13 : Suggesting Themes of Universal Appeal - The Cream of the Jest (1917)
James Branch Cabell
Epigraph to Book Four : Which Travels, roundabout, to edifying and safe conclusions - The Cream of the Jest (1917)

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James Branch Cabell
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Born: April 14, 1879

Died: May 5, 1958 (aged 79)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Novelist, author

Bio: James Branch Cabell, ; April 14, 1879 May 5, 1958) was an American author of fantasy fiction and belles lettres. Cabell was well regarded by his contemporaries, including H. L. Mencken and Sinclair Lewis. His works were considered escapist and fit well in the culture of the 1920s, when his works were most popular.

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