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Oliver Goldsmith
The miscellaneous works of Dr. Goldsmith: in four volumes, containing the Citizen of the World, The Vicar of Wakefield, essays, poems and plays (1792 edition)
Oliver Goldsmith
The miscellaneous works of Oliver Goldsmith, M.B.: with a biographical memoir of the author, written expressly for this edition (1834 edition)

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Oliver Goldsmith
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Born: November 10, 1730

Died: April 4, 1774 (aged 43)

Nationality: Irish

Occupation: Poet, author, playwright, busker

Bio: Oliver Goldsmith was an Anglo-Irish writer and poet, who is best known for his novel The Vicar of Wakefield, his pastoral poem The Deserted Village, and his plays The Good-Natur'd Man and She Stoops to Conquer. He also wrote An History of the Earth and Animated Nature.

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