Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes (99 quotes)

Rainer Maria Rilke
Sonnet 6 (as translated by Edward Snow) - Der Panther (The Panther) (1907)
Rainer Maria Rilke
Rilke's Book of Hours: Love Poems to God, translated by Anita Barrows, Joanna Macy, Riverhead Books, 1996, p. 59 - ISBN: 9781573225854

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Rainer Maria Rilke
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Born: December 4, 1875

Died: December 29, 1926 (aged 51)

Nationality: German

Occupation: Poet, novelist

Bio: René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke, better known as Rainer Maria Rilke, was a Bohemian-Austrian poet. He is considered one of the most significant poets in the German language.

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