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Robert Green Ingersoll
After being challenged by a friend who said "Be kind enough, to name even one improvement that you could make [in the world], if you had the power" The Gods (1872). Sometimes misquoted as "If I had my way I'd make health catching instead of disease."
Robert Green Ingersoll
Ingersoll a biographical appreciation, by Herman E. Kittredge. 1911 (1911 edition)
Robert Green Ingersoll
Prose-poems and selections from the writings and sayings of Robert G. Ingersoll (1888 edition)

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Robert Green Ingersoll
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Born: August 11, 1833

Died: July 21, 1899 (aged 65)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Lawyer, politician, orator, lecturer

Bio: Robert Green Bob Ingersoll was a Civil War veteran, American political leader, and orator during the Golden Age of Freethought, noted for his broad range of culture and his defense of agnosticism. He was nicknamed The Great Agnostic.

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