Robert Jordan Quotes (279 quotes)

Robert Jordan
Siuan Sanche - The Dragon Reborn (15 October 1991)
Robert Jordan
Old saying in Randland - Lord of Chaos (15 October 1994)
Robert Jordan
Two Rivers saying - The Fires of Heaven (15 October 1993)
Robert Jordan
Moridin to Rand al'Thor - The Gathering Storm (27 October 2009)
Robert Jordan
Moiraine Damodred to Faile Bashere - The Dragon Reborn (15 October 1991)

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Robert Jordan
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Born: October 17, 1948

Died: September 16, 2007 (aged 58)

Occupation: Novelist

Bio: Robert Jordan was the pen name of James Oliver Rigney, Jr. He used this pseudonym for fantasy novels, including the bestselling The Wheel of Time series for which he was best known.

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