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Edward Gibbon
Vol. 1, Chap. 14. Compare: Amiable weakness, Henry Fielding, Tom Jones, Book x, Chapter viii. - The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire (1776)
Edward Gibbon
Vol. i. p. 106. Compare: None ever loved but at first sight they loved, George Chapman, The Blind Beggar of Alexandria. - Memoirs (1796)

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Edward Gibbon
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Born: May 8, 1737

Died: January 16, 1794 (aged 56)

Nationality: English

Occupation: Historian

Bio: Edward Gibbon was an English historian and Member of Parliament. His most important work, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, was published in six volumes between 1776 and 1788. The Decline and Fall is known for the quality and irony of its prose, its use of primary sources, and its open criticism of organized religion.

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