Henry Bolingbroke Quotes (21 quotes)

Henry Bolingbroke
Letters, on the spirit of patriotism: on the idea of a patriot King: and on the state of parties, at the accession of King George the First.. (1749 edition)
Henry Bolingbroke
On the Study and Use of History, letter 4 (1752).

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Henry Bolingbroke
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Born: April 3, 1367

Died: March 20, 1413 (aged 45)

Nationality: English

Occupation: Royalty

Bio: Henry IV was King of England and Lord of Ireland. He was the ninth King of England of the House of Plantagenet and also asserted his grandfather's claim to the title King of France. He was born at Bolingbroke Castle in Lincolnshire, hence his other name, Henry Bolingbroke.

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