James Mackintosh Quotes (17 quotes)

James Mackintosh
Miscellaneous Works of Sir James Mackintoch (1871 edition)
James Mackintosh
Dissertation on the Progress of Ethical Philosophy (1830), Section VI: Foundation of a More Just Theory of Ethics — Thomas Brown, paragraph 3.
James Mackintosh
Review of the Causes of the Revolution of 1688 (1834), Chapter VII, paragraph 1.

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James Mackintosh
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Born: October 24, 1765

Died: May 30, 1832 (aged 66)

Nationality: Scottish

Occupation: Judge

Bio: Sir James Mackintosh was a Scottish jurist, politician and historian. His studies and sympathies embraced many interests. He was trained as a doctor and barrister, and worked also as a journalist, judge, administrator, professor, philosopher and politician.

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