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Luigi Pirandello
Six Characters in Search of an Author (SEI Personaggi in Cerca D'Autore) a Comedy in the Making, translated by Edward Storer, Indo-European Publishing (2012 edition) - ISBN: 9781604446494

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Luigi Pirandello
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Born: June 28, 1867

Died: December 10, 1936 (aged 69)

Nationality: Italian

Occupation: Playwright, dramatist, author

Bio: Luigi Pirandello was an Italian dramatist, novelist, and short story writer awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1934, for his bold and brilliant renovation of the drama and the stage. Pirandello's works include novels, hundreds of short stories, and about 40 plays, some of which are written in Sicilian. Pirandello's tragic farces are often seen as forerunners for Theatre of the Absurd.

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