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Ogden Nash
As quoted in: The Reader's Digest, Volume 120, 1982, p. 174
Ogden Nash
The Anatomy of Happiness - I'm a Stranger Here Myself (1938)
Ogden Nash
Reflections on Ice-Breaking in Hard Lines (1931); this statement is often misattributed to Dorothy Parker.

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Ogden Nash
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Born: August 19, 1902

Died: May 19, 1971 (aged 68)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Poet, author, lyricist

Bio: Frederic Ogden Nash was an American poet well known for his light verse. At the time of his death in 1971, the New York Times said his droll verse with its unconventional rhymes made him the country's best-known producer of humorous poetry. Ogden Nash wrote over 500 pieces of comic verse. The best of his work was published in 14 volumes between 1931 and 1972.

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