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Stanislaw Lec
In Polish: "Nawet w jego milczeniu by?y b??dy j?zykowe." - Unkempt Thoughts (My?li nieuczesane)
Stanislaw Lec
(Hence the title Cannibals with Forks by John Elkington) - Unkempt Thoughts (My?li nieuczesane)

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Stanislaw Lec
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Born: March 6, 1909

Died: May 7, 1966 (aged 57)

Nationality: Polish

Occupation: Poet

Bio: Stanisław Jerzy Lec was a poet and aphorist of Polish and Jewish noble origin. Often mentioned among the greatest writers of post-WW2 Poland, he was one of the most influential aphorists on the 20th century, known for lyrical poetry and sceptical philosophical-moral aphorisms, often with a political subtext.

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