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Thomas Carlyle
The Best Known Works of Thomas Carlyle: Including Sartor Resartus, Heroes and Hero Worship and Characteristics (2010 edition), Wildside Press LLC - ISBN: 9781434421371
Thomas Carlyle
Critical and Miscellaneous Essays: The Works of Thomas Carlyle Part One (2004 edition), Kessinger Publishing - ISBN: 9780766187559
Thomas Carlyle
Critical and miscellaneous essays: collected and republished (first time, 1839; final 1869). (1869 edition)

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Thomas Carlyle
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Born: December 4, 1795

Died: February 5, 1881 (aged 85)

Nationality: Scottish

Occupation: Philosopher, essayist, satirist, historian

Bio: Thomas Carlyle was a Scottish satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher during the Victorian era. He called economics the dismal science, wrote articles for the Edinburgh Encyclopedia, and became a controversial social commentator.

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