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Tim Crouch
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Born: January 1, 1964 (age 55)

Nationality: United Kingdom

Occupation: playwright,theatre director

Bio: Tim Crouch (born 1964) is an experimental theatre maker: an actor, writer and director. His plays include My Arm, An Oak Tree, ENGLAND and The Author. These take various forms, but all reject theatrical conventions, especially realism, and invite the audience to help create the work. Interviewed in 2007, Crouch said, ‘Theatre in its purest form is a conceptual artform. It doesn’t need sets, costumes and props, but exists inside an audience’s head.’Stephen Bottoms, Professor of Contemporary Theatre & Performance at the University of Manchester, has written that Crouch's plays 'make up one of the most important bodies of English-language playwriting to have emerged so far in the twenty-first century....I can think of no other contemporary playwright who has asked such a compelling set of questions about theatrical form, narrative content and spectatorial engagement.'Holly Williams, writing in The Independent in June 2014, says, 'Crouch has built a name for himself as one of British drama's great innovators, with plays that have disturbed and challenged the passive theatrical experience.'

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