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Valerie Solanas
p. 2 (peice so in original, probably intended as piece) - SCUM MANIFESTO (1967)
Valerie Solanas
p. 5 (hyphen (not en- or em-dash) so in original) - SCUM MANIFESTO (1967)

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Valerie Solanas
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Born: April 9, 1936

Died: April 25, 1988 (aged 52)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Writer

Bio: Valerie Jean Solanas was an American radical feminist writer who is best known for her assassination attempt on artist Andy Warhol. Born in New Jersey, Solanas said that she was the victim of sexual abuse by her father; and, after her parents' divorce, she had a volatile relationship with her mother and stepfather as a teenager with her unruly behavior.

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