V. E. Schwab

Type: writer,children's writer,novelistNationality: United States of America

V. Gordon Childe

Vere Gordon Childe, better known as V. Gordon Childe, was an Australian archaeologist and philologist who specialised in the study of European prehistory.

Type: Nationality:

V. K. Krishna Menon

Vengalil Krishnan Krishna Menon was an Indian nationalist, diplomat and statesman, described as the second most powerful man in India by Time magazine and others, after his ally and intimate friend, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Type: Nationality:

V. Raymond Edman

V. Raymond Edman was an American author and the fourth President of Wheaton College in Illinois from 1941 to 1965.

Type: Nationality:

V. S. Naipaul

Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad V. S. Naipaul, TC is an Indo-Trinidadian-British writer known for his novels focusing on the legacy of the British Empire's colonialism. He has also written works of non-fiction, such as travel writing and essays.

Type: Novelist, essayistNationality: Trinidadian

V. S. Pritchett

Sir Victor Sawdon Pritchett CH CBE, was a British writer and critic. He was particularly known for his short stories, collected in a number of volumes. His most famous nonfiction works are the memoirs A Cab at the Door and Midnight Oil, and his many collections of essays on literary biography and criticism.

Type: WriterNationality: British

V.F. Calverton

George Burt Goetz was a starting pitcher who played in Major League Baseball for the Baltimore Orioles of the American Association. He pitched in one game on June 17, 1889, allowing four earned runs in nine innings.

Type: Nationality:

Vachel Lindsay

Nicholas Vachel Lindsay was an American poet. He is considered the father of modern singing poetry, as he referred to it, in which verses are meant to be sung or chanted. His extensive correspondence with the poet Yeats details his intentions to revive the musical qualities in poetry as had been practiced by the ancient Greeks.

Type: PoetNationality: American

Vaclav Havel

Václav Havel was a Czech playwright, essayist, poet, dissident and politician.

Type: LeaderNationality: Czechoslovakian

Vaclav Hlavaty

Václav Hlavatý was a noted Czech-American mathematician, who wrote on the theory of relativity and corresponded extensively with Albert Einstein on the subject. In particular, Hlavatý solved some very difficult equations relating to Einstein's Unified field theory, which was featured in the news media as one of the great scientific achievements of 1953.

Type: Nationality:

Vaclav Klaus

Václav Klaus is the second President of the Czech Republic. He was Prime Minister of the Czech Republic from 1992 to 1997.

Type: StatesmanNationality: Czechoslovakian

Vada Nobles

Vada Nobles is a record producer and songwriter. He provided production on Lauryn Hill's debut solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. He co-wrote the Rihanna song Pon de Replay and co-wrote and co-produced two tracks on Hilary Duff's 2007 album, Dignity.

Type: Nationality:

Vadim Bakatin

Vadim Viktorovich Bakatin was a Soviet politician who served as the last chairman of the KGB in 1991. He is the last surviving former chairman of this organization. He was appointed to dismantle the KGB, but he was unable to control this organization and to fulfill the task.

Type: Nationality:

Vagit Alekperov

Vagit Yusufovich Alekperov (Azerbaijani: Vahid Yusuf oğlu Ələkbərov, Russian: Вагит Юсуфович Алекперов; born 1 September 1950) is an Azerbaijani and Russian businessman, the president of the leading Russian oil company LUKOIL.As of 2018 he is rated by Forbes magazine as the sixth richest person in Russia with a net worth of $17.2 billion and the 74th richest person in the world.

Type: engineer,entrepreneur,economistNationality: Russia,Soviet Union

Val Doonican

Val Doonican is an Irish singer. From 1965 to 1986 he was a regular fixture on the BBC Television's schedule with The Val Doonican Show, which featured his own singing performances and a variety of guest artists. A notably relaxed crooner, Doonican had 5 successive Top 10 albums in the UK Albums Chart in the swinging sixties.

Type: Nationality:

Val Guest

Val Guest was a British film director, best known for his science-fiction films for Hammer Film Productions in the 1950s, but who also enjoyed a long, varied and active career in the film industry from the early 1930s up until the early 1980s.

Type: DirectorNationality: British

Val Kilmer

Val Edward Kilmer is an American actor. Originally a stage actor, Kilmer is best known for his role as Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone's The Doors, and Bruce Wayne/Batman in Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever.

Type: ActorNationality: American

Val Logsdon Fitch

Val Logsdon Fitch is an American nuclear physicist. A native of Merriman, Nebraska, he graduated from Gordon High School and attended Chadron State College for three years before being drafted into the U.S. army in 1943. He later graduated from McGill University with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 1948 and completed his Ph.D. in physics in 1954 from Columbia University.

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