William Waller

Sir William Waller was an English Parliamentary general during the English Civil War. He received his education at Magdalen Hall, Oxford, and served in the Venetian army and in the Thirty Years' War. He received a knighthood in 1622 after taking part in Vere's expedition to the Electorate of the Palatinate.

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William Walters Sargant

William Walters Sargant was a controversial British psychiatrist who is remembered for the evangelical zeal with which he promoted treatments such as psychosurgery, deep sleep treatment, electroconvulsive therapy and insulin shock therapy. Sargant studied medicine at St John's College, Cambridge, and qualified as a doctor at St Mary's Hospital, London.

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William Warburton

William Warburton was an English critic and churchman, and served as Bishop of Gloucester from 1759 until his death.

Type: CriticNationality: English

William Ward-Higgs

William Ward-Higgs wrote Sussex by the Sea, a famous song down on the south coast of England. It is also the official song of Brighton & Hove Albion F.C., being played when the players run out on to the pitch at the start of a game.

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William Warner

William Warner was an English poet, born in London about 1558.

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William Watson

William Watson was an English Roman Catholic priest and conspirator, executed for treason.

Type: Nationality: English

William Watson (poet)

Sir William Watson, was an English poet, popular in his time for the political content of his verse. He was born in Burley, in West Yorkshire.

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William Weaver

William Fense Weaver is an English language translator of modern Italian literature.

Type: AuthorNationality: English

William Weld

William Floyd Weld is a former governor of the US state of Massachusetts. He served as that state's 68th governor from 1991 to 1997. From 1981 to 1988, he was a federal prosecutor in the United States Justice Department. In November 2006, he rejoined the international law firm of McDermott Will & Emery as a partner in its New York office.

Type: PoliticianNationality: American

William Wells Brown

William Wells Brown was a prominent African-American abolitionist lecturer, novelist, playwright, and historian. Born into slavery in the Southern United States, Brown escaped to the North in 1834, where he worked for abolitionist causes and was a prolific writer.

Type: Activist, abolitionist, writer, historian.Nationality: American

William Westmoreland

William Childs Westmoreland was a United States Army General, who commanded US military operations in the Vietnam War at its peak, during the Tet Offensive. He adopted a strategy of attrition against the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam and the North Vietnamese Army. He later served as U.S. Army Chief of Staff from 1968 to 1972.

Type: SoldierNationality: American

William Wetmore Story

William Wetmore Story was an American sculptor, art critic, poet, and editor.

Type: SculptorNationality: American

William Whewell

William Whewell FRS FGS, was an English polymath, scientist, Anglican priest, philosopher, theologian, and historian of science. He was Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Type: PhilosopherNationality: English

William Whipple

William Whipple, Jr. was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of New Hampshire.

Type: PoliticianNationality: American

William Whitelaw

William Stephen Ian Whitelaw, 1st Viscount Whitelaw, KT, CH, MC, PC, DL, often known as Willie Whitelaw, was a British Conservative Party politician who served in a wide number of Cabinet positions, most notably as Home Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister.

Type: PoliticianNationality: British

William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce was a British politician, philanthropist, and a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade. A native of Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, he began his political career in 1780, eventually becoming the independent Member of Parliament for Yorkshire.

Type: PoliticianNationality: English

William Wiley

William Wiley was a sailor of the United States Navy in the 19th century who served in the First Barbary War.

Type: SoldierNationality: American