Anonymous Quote

Source/Notes: Often attributed to John Quincy Adams, but no similar statement has been found in any reliable document/book from his time. Actually the earliest appearance found of this quote dates from the 20th century.
Source/Notes: Variant: "A bachelor's life is a splendid breakfast, a tolerably flat lunch, and a most miserable supper." - Often attributed to Francis Bacon and Jean de la Bruyere. Earliest appearance of this quote was found unsourced in: Harper's Magazine, Volume 76 (1888), p. 981
Source/Notes: Graffiti. As quoted in: "Bowker Annual Library and Book Trade Almanac", Janice Johnson, Wyllis Eaton Wright, Frank L. Schick, 1972, p. 69 - ISBN: 9780835205207. This quote is sometimes misattributed to George Carlin.
Source/Notes: Often misattributed to Winston Churchill. Variant: "Lady Nancy Astor: Winston, you are drunk. / Churchill: Indeed, Madam, and you are ugly—but tomorrow I'll be sober."
Source/Notes: Usually attributed to Kurt Cobain, but no reference attributing this quote to him has been found on reliable works. There is a similar quote in the magazine "The century illustrated monthly magazine, Volume 28" from 1884: "... as a man of science, the lexicographer has no right to express an opinion until all the facts upon that opinion ought to be founded are before him."
Source/Notes: Widely attributed to Walt Disney but no reliable source has yet been found. Earliest reference for a similar expression was found at "The Connoisseur, Volume 98, 1936, p. 5": "The picture is still the most universally understood language."