Victor Hugo Quote

Source/Notes: Les Misérables (1862), Volume Four: ST. DENIS, Book VIII - Enchantments and Desolations
Source/Notes: Variant translation: "He felt even that a creditor is worse than a master; for a master owns only your person, a creditor owns your dignity and can belabor that." - Les Misérables (1862), Volume 3: Marius, Chapter 2: Marius Poor
Source/Notes: Victor Hugo's intellectual autobiography: (Postscriptum de ma vie); being the last of the unpublished works and embodying the author's ideas on literature, philosophy and religion (1971 edition)
Source/Notes: In French: "Les bras des mères sont faits de tendresse; les enfants y dorment profondément" - Les Misérables (1862), Vol.1: Fantine