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Even if you walk exactly the same route each time - as with a sonnet - the events along the route cannot be imagined to be the same from day to day, as the poet's health, sight, his anticipations, moods, fears, thoughts cannot be the same.  - A. R. Ammons
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A. R. Ammons
A Portrait of Elizabeth I, in the words of the Queen and her contemporaries (1980 edition), Barnes & Noble
A. R. Ammons
As quoted in: "The Sayings of Queen Elizabeth" (1923) by Frederick Chamberlin, Chapter 7. Also in: "The European emergence: time Frame AD 1500-1600" (Time-Life Books, 1989), p.66. And in: "The heart and stomach of a king: Elizabeth I and the politics of sex and power" (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1994) by Carole Levin, p. 45

A. R. Ammons
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Nationality: American

Occupation: Poet

Bio: Archie Randolph Ammons was an American poet who won the annual National Book Award for Poetry in 1973 and 1993. He wrote about humanity's relationship to nature in alternately comic and solemn tones.

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