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My word 'pragmatism' has gained general recognition.... The writer, finding his bantling 'pragmatism' so promoted, feels that it is time to kiss his child good-by and relinquish it to its higher destiny; while to serve the precise purpose of expressing the original definition, he begs to announce the birth of the word 'pragmaticism,' which is ugly enough to be safe from kidnappers.  - Charles Sanders Peirce
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Charles Sanders Peirce
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Born: September 10, 1839

Died: April 19, 1914 (aged 74)

Nationality: Canadian

Bio: Charles Sanders Peirce was an American philosopher, logician, mathematician, and scientist, sometimes known as the father of pragmatism. He was educated as a chemist and employed as a scientist for 30 years. Today he is appreciated largely for his contributions to logic, mathematics, philosophy, scientific methodology, and semiotics, and for his founding of pragmatism.

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