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Isaac Leib Peretz
Sewing the Wedding Gown, 1906. Nine One-Act Plays from Yiddish. B. F. White, translated Boston, John W. Luce & Co., 1932, p. 127.
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Youth is fair, a graceful stag, 
 Leaping, playing in a park. 
 Age is gray, a toothless hag, 
 Stumbling in the dark.  - Isaac Leib Peretz
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Isaac Leib Peretz
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Born: May 18, 1852

Died: April 3, 1915 (aged 62)

Bio: Isaac Leib Peretz, also known as Yitskhok Leybush Peretz and Icchok Lejbusz Perec or Izaak Lejb Perec, best known as I.L. Peretz, was a Yiddish language author and playwright. Payson R. Stevens, Charles M. Levine, and Sol Steinmetz count him with Mendele Mokher Seforim and Sholem Aleichem as one of the three great classical Yiddish writers.

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