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Buy my soda! said the Moose Diarrhea Salesman. And we did. We all did. But when we got it home and opened up the package, it was not what they said it was. And rather than chucking it all and searching for something better, we're content with looking for another Moose Diarrhea Salesman.  - Jello Biafra
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Jello Biafra
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Born: June 17, 1958 (age 60)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Musician, speaker

Bio: Jello Biafra is an American musician and spoken word artist. Biafra first gained attention as the lead singer and songwriter for San Francisco punk rock band Dead Kennedys. After he left the band, he took over the influential independent record label Alternative Tentacles, which he had co-founded in 1979 with Dead Kennedys bandmate East Bay Ray.

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