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Jules Renard
In French: "La vie, je la comprends de moins en moins, et je l'aime de plus en plus." From: "Le journal de Jules Renard: 1906-1910" (F. Bernouard, 1927)
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As I grow to understand life less and less I grow to love it more and more.  - Jules Renard
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Jules Renard
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Born: January 22, 1864

Died: May 22, 1910 (aged 46)

Nationality: French

Occupation: Dramatist, author

Bio: Pierre-Jules Renard or Jules Renard was a French author and member of the Académie Goncourt, most famous for the works Poil de carotte and Les Histoires Naturelles . Among his other works are Le Plaisir de rompre and Huit jours à la campagne .

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