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Nicolas Chamfort
Variant translations: "Being a celebrity gives you the advantage of being known to those not of your acquaintance." ; "Celebrity: the advantage of being known by those who don't know you." - Chamfort maxims: anecdotes, personalities, letters, historical writings, etc (1973 edition), p. 25
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Celebrity is the advantage of being known to people who we don't know, and who don't know us.  - Nicolas Chamfort
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Nicolas Chamfort
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Born: April 6, 1741

Died: April 13, 1794 (aged 53)

Nationality: French

Occupation: Writer, playwright

Bio: Sébastien-Roch Nicolas also known as Chamfort was a French writer, best known for his witty epigrams and aphorisms. He was secretary of Louis XVI's sister, and of the Jacobin club.

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