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Not a living thing was to be seen and the cottages that sat huddled close to the ground remained fast shut; the smoke from the chimneys alone still gave a sign of life.  - Stijn Streuvels
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Stijn Streuvels
The Path of Life (2004 edition), 1st World Publishing - ISBN: 9781421805931
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Stijn Streuvels
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Born: October 3, 1871

Died: August 15, 1969 (aged 97)

Nationality: Belgian

Occupation: Writer

Bio: Stijn Streuvels, born Franciscus Petrus Maria Lateur, is a Flemish writer. He was born on 3 October 1871 in Heule, Kortrijk, and died in Ingooigem, Anzegem on 15 August 1969 at the age of 98. In 1905 he married Alida Staelens. They had 4 children: Paula, Paul, Dina and Isa. Since 1980 their house became a museum dedicated to Streuvels.

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