Woody Allen Page

“I was thrown out of college for cheating on the metaphysics exam; I looked into the soul of the boy sitting next to me.”

- Woody Allen

Source/Notes: Standup Comic (1999)
Sophocles Page

“I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.”

- Sophocles

Source/Notes: Philoctetes (c. 409 BC), lines 92 and 93, translated by David Grene.
Andrew V. Mason Page

“Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something.”

- Andrew V. Mason

Source/Notes: Surgeon's Log by Andrew V. M.D. Mason (1980). As quoted in: The Reader's Digest, Volume 120 (1982), p. 148. This quote is sometimes misattributed to Eric Hoffer
Scott Alexander Page

“All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy.”

- Scott Alexander

Phil Donahue Page

“Recognition should come to the reporter who uncovers public cheating or proves a convicted man innocent.”

- Phil Donahue


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Page

“In athletics there's always been a willingness to cheat if it looks like you're not cheating. I think that's just a quirk of human nature.”

- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Caprice Bourret Page

“You could be going to have supper with someone who happens to be male, and all of a sudden he is your boyfriend of nine months... and I am cheating on my existing boyfriend.”

- Caprice Bourret

Blu Cantrell Page

“Men are more prone to cheating, definitely.”

- Blu Cantrell

Steven Curtis Chapman Page

“There's nothing like a good cheating song to make me want to run home to be with my wife.”

- Steven Curtis Chapman

Roger Clemens Page

“I'd be cheating everyone here, the staff and rest of my teammates, if I wasn't able to stay on top of my work. It was almost like therapy, to come back and get in an environment I'm comfortable with.”

- Roger Clemens


Bill Dixon Page

“I think people who sample are cheating. It is like people who do collages. Use all of your own stuff.”

- Bill Dixon

John Fogerty Page

“I stuck with that size because I could bend the strings so well, and somewhere along the line I must have gotten it into my mind that I had small hands, so I was thinking I'd never be able to play a full-scale guitar, but I also felt like I was cheating or cutting corners.”

- John Fogerty

Al Goldstein Page

“For me working on the marriage and not making the easy choice of cheating was something that I could not do.”

- Al Goldstein

Al Goldstein Page

“If you cannot work on the marriage or the women is a moron, staying married and cheating makes the most sense because divorce is disruptive to the family life and your bank account.”

- Al Goldstein

Luis Guzman Page

“I always wondered if you clone your wife and have the cloned wife on the moon and the real wife down here, would that be considered cheating?”

- Luis Guzman


Evander Holyfield Page

“Well, when I think of steroids I think of an image. You have the advantage over someone, which is a form of cheating. I guess it wouldn't be right unless it was legal for everybody. Reason it's not legal for everybody is because it can hurt people seriously.”

- Evander Holyfield

Angelina Jolie Page

“I've told Billy if I ever caught him cheating, I wouldn't kill him because I love his children and they need a dad. But I would beat him up. I know where all of his sports injuries are.”

- Angelina Jolie