Gordon B. Hinckley Page

“Criticism and pessimism destroy families, undermine institutions of all kinds, defeat nearly everyone, and spread a shroud of gloom over entire nations.”

- Gordon B. Hinckley

Steven Morrissey Page

“I think I'm a realist. Which people who don't like me consider to be pessimism. It isn't pessimism at all. If I was a pessimist I wouldn't get up, I wouldn't shave, I wouldn't watch Batman at 7:30 a.m. Pessimists just don't do that sort of thing.”

- Steven Morrissey

Source/Notes: From "Stop me if you've heard this one before," interview by Len Brown in NME (20th February 1988)
Clint Eastwood Page

“I don't believe in pessimism. If something doesn't come up the way you want, forge ahead. If you think it's going to rain, it will.”

- Clint Eastwood

Bruce Lee Page

“Cease negative mental chattering. — If you think a thing is impossible, you'll make it impossible. Pessimism blunts the tools you need to succeed.”

- Bruce Lee

Source/Notes: Striking Thoughts (2000)
Golda Meir Page

“Pessimism is a luxury that a Jew can never allow himself.”

- Golda Meir

Source/Notes: The Observer (29 December 1974)


Arnold Bennett Page

“Pessimism, when you get used to it, is just as agreeable as optimism.”

- Arnold Bennett

Bob Brown Page

“In securing the future of the planet, we secure happiness for ourselves. One of the aims of the Greens is to turn around the tide of pessimism amongst the young people of the world.”

- Bob Brown

Norman Cousins Page

“Optimism doesn't wait on facts. It deals with prospects. Pessimism is a waste of time.”

- Norman Cousins

Source/Notes: Human Options (1981)
Emilio Estevez Page

“If only media people would stop reaching for the low-hanging fruit, which is cynicism and pessimism, and stopped trying so hard to be hip and cool and have a swagger.”

- Emilio Estevez


Antonio Gramsci Page

“Pessimism of the spirit; optimism of the will.”

- Antonio Gramsci

Patricia Ireland Page

“I don't think you lead by pessimism and cynicism. I think you lead by optimism and enthusiasm and energy.”

- Patricia Ireland

William James Page

“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.”

- William James

Jim Leach Page

“There's probably a little greater case for pessimism than optimism. But I do not rule out optimism.”

- Jim Leach

Ian Mcewan Page

“One has to have the courage of one's pessimism.”

- Ian Mcewan


Joris-Karl Huysmans Page

“Pessimism has never consoled the sick in body, neither the sick soul.”

- Joris-Karl Huysmans

Source/Notes: À rebours (1884)
Edmond Rostand Page

“My pessimism goes to the point of suspecting the sincerity of the pessimists.”

- Edmond Rostand