Valerie Jarrett Page

“Our whole philosophy is one of transparency.”

- Valerie Jarrett

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Page

“Similarly, gender-equality, supremacy of law, political participation, civil society, and transparency are among the indispensable elements that are the imperatives of democratization.”

- Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Anderson Cooper Page

“I think it's a good thing that there are bloggers out there watching very closely and holding people accountable. Everyone in the news should be able to hold up to that kind of scrutiny. I'm for as much transparency in the newsgathering process as possible.”

- Anderson Cooper

George Jean Nathan Page

“What passes for woman's intuition is often nothing more than man's transparency.”

- George Jean Nathan

Gerry Adams Page

“One man's transparency is another's humiliation.”

- Gerry Adams


Melissa Bean Page

“If we want to truly regain the public's trust, we can provide greater accountability and transparency with a simple step. Let's start by communicating to our constituents about the votes we take.”

- Melissa Bean

Breyten Breytenbach Page

“In reality the workings of your governing system are opaque and covert, while hiding in the chattering spotlight of an ostensible transparency, even though the ultimate objective is clear.”

- Breyten Breytenbach

Louis-Ferdinand Celine Page

“Life is filigree work. What is written clearly is not worth much, it's the transparency that counts.”

- Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Esther Dyson Page

“What I'm thinking about more and more these days is simply the importance of transparency, and Jefferson's saying that he'd rather have a free press without a government than a government without a free press.”

- Esther Dyson

Arthur Erickson Page

“The new architecture of transparency and lightness comes from Japan and Europe.”

- Arthur Erickson


Mark Foley Page

“A government operates and acts differently than a company. So all we want to do is get some transparency here and then determine if the deal should go forward.”

- Mark Foley

Richard Grasso Page

“It should strengthen investors' confidence. This is done through transparency, high quality financial reports, and a standardized economic market. This is not just for China, but also for the world market as a whole.”

- Richard Grasso

Lee H. Hamilton Page

“We should insist that governments receiving American aid live up to standards of accountability and transparency, and we should support countries that embrace market reforms, democracy, and the rule of law.”

- Lee H. Hamilton

Helmut Jahn Page

“Transparency is not the same as looking straight through a building: it's not just a physical idea, it's also an intellectual one.”

- Helmut Jahn

Joseph Barber Lightfoot Page

“There is no persuasiveness more effectual than the transparency of a single heart, of a sincere life.”

- Joseph Barber Lightfoot


John Mica Page

“Slovakia's joining the OECD in 1999 is totally dependent on meeting economic reforms required such as transparency and legislation that permits fair and open conduct of trade and business.”

- John Mica

Helmut Newton Page

“I used to hate doing color. I hated transparency film. The way I did color was by not wanting to know what kind of film was in my camera.”

- Helmut Newton